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Sewing John’s Leather Workshop in Wolvertem (Flemish Brabant), upholstering and tailor-made services in leather and artificial leather (skai) for

motorcycles, car interiors and furniture.


John, your craftsman for all things leather, is the driving force behind Sewing John’s Leather Workshop. His traditional, tailor-made leather services give your old timer, car or motorcycle an authentic upgrade. John doesn’t work, he creates with personality and character. He thrives on sincere beauty and perfection.




John upholsters, restores and fabricates your motorcycle saddle or bag, your car seats or

interior and even furniture in leather or  artificial leather (skai). All work is done by hand,

with original tools for a unique result.

Do you want to personalize your tool bag, phone holder, knife holder or regular bag with

a beautiful drawing or nametag? Sewing John’s Leather Workshop gets the job done.

Take a look at our leather processing  page for more information.

Sewing John’s Leather Workshop guarantees tailor-made projects. He’s also the man that

repairs your leather accessories. Whether you want to color your handbag,

replace zippers in leather jackets or restore horse saddles to their original state – John’s your man.


We are closed from 13 to 19 April!



Visit the old school leather workshop. Valérie and John are glad to be of service.